Associated Truss and Lumber

Associated Truss and Lumber

Luxe Magazine

Ben Gerhauser
Lumber Sales Manager

Since 1962, Associated Truss and Lumber has been supplying quality products and service at fair prices. Catering to the professional builder, the company's extensive product line includes a fully stocked lumberyard, complete with various dimensions of wood, as well as cornice items, drywall and steel studs. The staff at Associated Truss and Lumber also provide top-quality manufactured roof trusses and bed frames, and take pride in their skilled wall panel and turn-key framing divisions. The firm's ability to stay abreast of advances in the building and lumber market distinguish it as a company dedicated to uncompromising excellence.

"With the materials provided by Associated Truss and Lumber, we feel certain that this home will serve as a symbol of prosperity in Dallas for years to come."

What inspired you to participate in the LUXE Showhome?
This opportunity attracted us because it allowed us to partner with Mark Molthan and contribute to a worthy cause with the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children.

What makes the product or service that you featured in the LUXE Showhome unique?
The products supplied to the Showhome focus on technological advances in the lumber and building industry, along with a concentration on quality that sets them apart from others.

How was the LUXE Showhome different from other projects you've worked on?
This project allowed us to utilize our abilities to create a unique home design, all for a charitable cause, in a way that no other project has in the past.